dj wali baby dj baby Sun, 28 Mar 2021 06:31:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Student loans in Canada Sat, 20 Mar 2021 16:43:16 +0000 Canada is the most preferred student destination when it comes to higher education. It is considered an educational hub for international students who desire to study abroad.

Student Loans in Canada

After the USA, Canada is the most preferred destination for students who wish to study abroad. It may not be possible to manage all the expenses required while acquiring education in foreign universities. Therefore a lot of students prefer student loans to cover their educational costs. Student loans in Canada offer monetary help related to the expenses incurred in education. Educational loans can be taken for seeking education in foreign universities or for admission to domestic universities. Before seeking educational loans, it is essential to know about the terms and policies it holds.

Documents Required

Apart from the primary documents like an identification card, bank details, and passports, some major documents are also required while seeking educational loans in Canada. Before you search for a financial institution to get your loan, it is very important to check the interest rates, terms, and conditions. Different banks have different rules for the money offered and money repaid. Therefore it is crucial to check different institutions and select the best. 


The first thing required to get a loan is filling the application. You need to fill an application form offered by the bank and submit several documents that are required by the institution. Here’s a list of documents needed for Student loans in Canada.

  • Admission letter granted by the University: When you apply for an educational loan, the bank requires a confirmation regarding your admission to the university. If you have cleared the entrance, the University grants you an admission letter. You need to submit a copy of this letter with your application form to the bank.

  • Academic documents like mark sheets and certificates: Some financial institutions require you to submit your previous mark sheets and reports to showcase that you are a brilliant student and have completed your previous education from a recognized board. You need to submit a copy of the same along with your application form to the bank.

  • GMAT, IELTS certificate: Every student who desires to study abroad needs to clear GMAT and IELTS exams. After you’ve scored the required percentage in these tests, you are approved to apply to a foreign university. Therefore, banks need a copy of your GMAT and IELTS certification to check your eligibility for educational loans in Canada.

  • Residential proof: Loans are only granted when you are a resident or a citizen of the country. A resident has stayed for a long time in the country, and a citizen is a person who is born and holds the citizenship of that particular country. Therefore, banks need proof of your residence along with the application form.

  • Borrowers bank account statement: The financial institutions check your previous bank records before granting a loan. Therefore, you need to submit your account statement of six months before the application date. 

Expenses Covered

It is necessary to know about the coverage the loan offers. Sometimes, the terms of the loan mention coverage of educational expenses only. Some financial institutions offer complete coverage. Right from traveling expenses to expenses made on study tours, a good education loan covers all the expenses. It is therefore important to check several plans before choosing one. The expenses covered under the student loans in Canada are listed below.

  • Travel expenses: It covers all the traveling expenses, be it ticket booking, going abroad, or returning from the University.


  • Tuition fee: The tuition fee includes the academic fee that is paid in the university for the course. The primary purpose of the loan is to cover your tuition expenses. 

  • Lab fee: Lab fee is the amount paid in the university for any practical you do. Fields like science and technology require practical learning. Therefore lab fee is paid to acquire lab facilities in a university. The education loan plan covers laboratory expenses as well.

  • Hostel fee: If the student stays in a hostel or an apartment, the banks can pay any expenses related to the same.

  • Expenses made on books and study material: It is significant to search for institutions that offer coverage for the study material’s expenses. It can cut your fees’ cost, and you can go for the best material available even if it incurs a considerable expense.

  • Expenses related to study tours: Almost every university in Canada offers a study tour once or twice a year. Such tours are educational trips that require a considerable amount of expenditure. Many financial institutions promise to cover the expenses of your education tours.

Repayment and Collateral 

Student loans in Canada can be of great help for all the students who desire to study abroad. It not only finances your educational expenses but provides you with tax benefits, complete coverage, and security. The repayment of educational loans starts just after the course is completed. Student loans in Canada require the borrower to repay the total amount within 5-10 years from the repayment terms’ commencement.


If the borrowing extends to the limit mentioned in words, an asset is needed as collateral security with the banks. Also, several tax benefits can be claimed on student loans. Therefore, student loans are proven to offer several advantages for the applicant. It can be a great alternative to finance all your educational expenses.


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Online study in Los Angeles Sat, 20 Mar 2021 16:38:58 +0000 We have all witnessed the losses caused due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. In an actual sense, the education sector is the most affected sector today.

The teaching medium has shifted to the online mode from the traditional classroom mode. Students are locked down at their homes and have to adapt to the online study system. With the growing need for online study, the interests of students in online courses are also rising.

However, the online study method was introduced way before for distance learning, but it is gaining popularity today amongst students who desire to study abroad.


The USA is a center for online study, and the best courses can be found through online study in Los Angeles. If you are willing to enroll in one such course, below is a list of the renowned colleges which offer online study in Los Angeles

Online Study in Los Angeles

The Universities in California offer several courses for Online Study in Los Angeles. Online learning provides flexibility in pursuing a degree from a foreign university. Around 10,000 students take at least one online study course in the universities in California. It is so far the best online study center with more than 200 available lessons. Students from California, as well as students from other countries, enroll themselves every year in a professional online course. 

In a traditional online study school, students attend all the classes virtually. Subject materials are sent to the students, and virtual learning happens. The students need to research and prepare entirely for the online exams.

Online study in Los Angeles is convenient but requires a huge amount of effort. The classes can be attended from your home even at distant places. You just need to enroll in the online course. Tuition fees for online courses are similar to that of traditional classes


  1. Azusa Pacific University:

The university is an excellent center for an online degree in California. Online training for courses like nursing, screenwriting, coding, etc., is offered by the University.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Azusa Pacific University  Azusa, California Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctorates $1651 Western Association of Schools and Colleges 


  • Citrus College:

It is regarded as the most affordable college for online study. The enrolled students get to earn an associate’s degree. The program includes subjects like sociology, business, politics, and history.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Citrus College  Glendora, California  Associate’s $46 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  • The University of La Verne:

Renowned for a variety of online programs, La Verne attracts students who desire to enroll in an online program. The course covers interesting topics like business administration, sociology, and information technology.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
The University of La Verne La Verne, California Bachelor’s, Masters, Associate’s $645 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  1. The University of Southern California:

One of the top-rated universities in California, it offers more than 50 graduate courses and doctoral programs. The university also serves in business law, regulatory science, criminal law, history, and many other subjects that are in demand today.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
The University of Southern California  Los Angeles, California Master’s, Doctorate $2005 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  • Brandman University:

Mypath and Master’s programs are the two primary and renowned things the university offers. The cost per credit hour is affordable, and the students get practical knowledge regarding the courses they have enrolled in.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Brandman University Irvine, California Bachelor’s, Masters $500 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  • Mount Saint Mary’s University:

The university offers online courses in business, pre-health sciences, law, and various other fields. It is one of the top ten universities for online study in Los Angeles. It offers programs in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles, California Bachelor’s, Master’s $573 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  1. Pepperdine University:

It is a one-stop institute for all kinds of online courses, either in bachelor’s or master’s or doctorate’s degree. Though the cost per credit hour is expensive, it is preferred by all the students who can afford it. The university offers a healthy and growing environment in an online medium to attain any possible information regarding their courses.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Pepperdine University Malibu, California Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctorate $1530 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  1. California State University 

The institute offers over 15 online courses at graduate and undergraduate levels. The programs are popular amongst the students who study online. The university offers courses in nursing, business administration, law, management, etc.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
California State University Dominguez Hills, California Bachelor’s and Master’s $479 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


  1. Biola University 

The university offers three bachelor’s degrees and around 15 master’s degrees, and seven certificate courses for online study in Los Angeles. It is specially curated and for students who have an interest in Bible-centered education.


College Location Degree Available  Cost per credit hour Accreditation
Biola University La Mirada, California Bachelor’s and Master’s $575 Western Association of Schools and Colleges


Online courses are, therefore, a medium to connect with the students globally. The enrolled students can exchange the thoughts of their culture and tradition. The students can continue with their traditional classroom classes while balancing their online study abroad. Online study in Los Angeles offers a medium for overall development, skill enhancement, virtual learning, meeting new people and developing oneself. Online study requires a considerable amount of effort and should be taken seriously to reap the best results.


Students all across the globe can avail online study in Los Angeles or any other centre for online study. Los Angeles is considered as a hub for online education centres and is trusted by millions of students who have passed out or are currently availing online education in Los Angeles.


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Mortgage Loan, Eligibility and Requirements Sat, 20 Mar 2021 16:35:35 +0000 A loan is financial aid provided by the standardized organizations, banks, or companies you work for. This financial aid serves the purpose of allowing the loan seeker to buy a house, car, property, etc.


 The amount of loan which is to be taken should be the relevant amount in terms of the banking process. The lender should run a background check on the borrower, and the loan seeker should pass the eligibility criteria to get approved for the loan process.

It is not always that you will get approved for loans. There is mandatory loan eligibility, primary dependant criteria one has to pass. The article will impart knowledge on the working of mortgage loans, the requirements, and eligibility criteria for the same. The borrower, once passes the eligibility criteria he/she is allowed to get a loan. The property you keep as a mortgage with the bank is safe and untouched by any other means. Once you pay back the loan with interests and taxes, the mortgage is released.

What is Mortgage Loan?

The lender and borrower are two main factors of any loan process. In general, when a person applies for a loan, the monthly amount with interest is decided and deducted from that person’s monthly salary. This way, the entire loan is paid back in time. But in the case of a mortgage loan, the borrower is asked to deposit a property equal to the loan amount they expect to borrow from the institute.

This property will stay with the bank till the loan is paid back completely. In mortgage loans, after keeping the property with the bank, you get a period of time where you can use the loan and no need to pay any monthly amount and interest. But once the limited period is over, you are supposed to pay back the loan’s monthly amount with simple interest. This way, you can get back your hold on the mortgaged property after the loan’s complete installments are paid back.

The Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For a Mortgage Loan:


It is not easy to get approval for a loan. It takes time to meet the criteria and get eligible for loans. The criteria depend on how much amount is required by the loan seeker. The types of loans, such as home loans, education loans, international education loans, also play an essential role in the loan’s approval. Following is a summary of the eligibility criteria for a mortgage loan.

  1. Timely Source of Income:

The bank approves your loan based on the primary aspect that is the borrower’s cash flow. If the loan seeker’s monthly income is not reliable, then the bank will not start the process of lending the loan. To take loans, one must have a secure job. Even the loan guarantors are taken into consideration while checking the salary range before getting into the process.

The steady source of income is the biggest concern for lenders. The loan approvers can assure you the loan on verifying your salary slip of at least three consecutive months, the income certificate of the shop’s monthly income, social security income, bonuses, commissions, etc. The lenders will not sanction you for a loan as long as they do not find your documents well suited for the loan amount.

  1. Document Verification:

After the mortgage crisis caused in 2008 due to dishonest loan seekers, the lenders are now asking definitive proofs for document verification during the loan process. The documents such as tax returns, W2s, or 1099 forms from employers or companies that pay your business, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. Such documents are then verified and check if they are relevant and whether the loan borrower is eligible.


The lender contacts your employer to verify your job, income, and expenses. If the lender cannot verify your source of income, you are not a qualified candidate for the loan. Once the loan is sanctioned, the obligatory amount with interest is deducted from the monthly salary. The process of payback starts after the limit for mortgage loan ends. The students take the loan for education by keeping mortgage with the banks and payback once they acquire a settled job.

  1. Debt to Income Ratio:

When you seek a loan, make sure to be free of any other debt. The lenders will qualify you for the loan if your income is suitable and your debt is zero. Even if your income is more than expected, but you have a pending loan, you will not be able to make another loan process. The debt to income ratio should be as low as possible to get approval from the banks for the loan.

The more the ratio, the less is the chances of not getting a loan. The debts increase the expenses and divide the salary into several parts, which the bank thinks that the seeker will struggle to pay back debts on time. For example, students who are already in an education debt seek to buy a house on loan. Here they face problems due to unsorted debt paybacks.


  1. Ontime Credits:

This type of criteria shows how prompt you are in making payments. How well you do with your credits. The bank asks for bank statements to see whether you pay your debts on time or not. The age of your credits, the number of inquiries on your credits, etc. This helps the lender to judge you on your capability of spending the income wisely. If you fail to pay the bills on time, this goes against your loan’s approval process. The bank wants an active, reliable borrower and not a liar loan seeker.


In this way, the standardized organizations help the common person to get financial aids. A few fraud and sketchy organizations compromise your trust, which you should be aware of before letting your property and documents in their hands. Always trade your credentials carefully, choose trustworthy banks and institutes for banking purposes. The lender sanctions the loan only when the borrower is honest and capable of paying it back on time or before the time.


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